The Cave of Can Marçà is located in the North of the Island, in the Port of San Miquel. Its’s 20 Km from Ibiza, 25 Km from San Antoni and 23 of Santa Eularia.

The Cave is located in a natural environment with unparalleled views of the bay, with the Murada and Ferradura islands in front.

In the 70s a belgian speleologist named Jean-Pierre Van Der Abeelle, came to the town of San Miguel, and was interested in the Cave of Can Marçà. The people of the village helped him to locate on the cliffs of port, the entry and exit of the Cave.
He quickly began the work that would make accessibility and visits to it possible.

The entrance of the cave is located after a road dug in the rock at a height of 12/14 meters above sea level, from where the visit begins. The cave has an age of over 100,000 years and was formed by telluric faults . It has gone through ice ages and tropical heats , Being now fossilized, except in the deepest galleries, where the dripping continues, forming beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

From the first viewpoint overlooks the bay of Port de San Miquel, also called Port Balanzat, with the Murada island in the background, where there is a species of lizard with intense colours and prehistoric shapes.

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