The client is aware that he is going to establish a contractual relationship with a retail travel agent’s which acts at all times as an intermediary between the client and the collaborating company which renders the services (Hotels, road haulage and maritime transport Companies…etc) in accordance with Spanish standards on travel agents.

The user accept to comply the presents general and particular conditions of use of this site and accepts as well the use of the site according to the law and good faith.

The user guaranties that the personal data provided is true and is responsible for communicating in writing any modification thereof. The user accepts that all comunication related with the use of the website will be trough email.

Remember you must take your passport or id when travelling and all the details of your reservation and your payment details must match with it (Name, Surname, ID / passport,…). Otherwise the supplier or provider of the services may denied the use of them.

Some of the services contracted at the website are managed via the technological platforms of Viajes Ibiza partner companies in the intermediation, sale and rendering of services. Some of the partner companies are:, Bedsonline, Balearia, Ibizatours & Islandbus, etc.

Prices on are finals .


You must be an adult and have the legal capacity to contract the services of the website If you are a minor the use of this web site is not permitted.


The website only accepts the following means of payment: Credit card. Payments by credit card are made via the secure payment gateways of the bank entities which work with Viajes Ibiza.


The client is solely responsible for proving that he meets all the entry and exit requirements of the countries to which he wishes to go. The Foreign Ministry website provides detailed information about visas, permits and entry and exit requirements. Do not contract any service at if you are unsure about said requirements.


The client states it has been sufficiently well informed about the specific and general conditions of the services booked as well as of the possible risks of the destination.

As regards any failing of the services booked by you or any non-compliance regarding the provision thereof, we would ask you to set out your complaint “in situ” so that it can be resolved and, where necessary, do so in writing.


To make a booking with, is not neccesary to be registered but the client must give all the personal data requested .

Prior to the formalisation of a booking you must confirm that you have read and accepted the present contracting conditions; if you do not accept the present conditions the system will not allow you to make the booking.

Once your booking has been made, you will receive confirmation thereof on your screen. A copy of your booking and, where applicable, a voucher, will also be sent to your e-mail address. Viajes Ibiza will also keep a copy of the documentation sent.

The booking voucher will only be valid for the services specified in the “details of services to be rendered”. Should he desire complementary services, the client must pay for them directly or get in touch with Viajes Ibiza so we can authorise the service.

At all times you can consult the status of your booking sending an email to

A purchase will only be regarded as effective at such time as a charge has been made to the client credit card. Viajes Ibiza, S.A. or the service provider may cancel any purchases which end up not being paid by the client or which have involved technical problems preventing payment (for example: credit card refused).


Remember, hotels usually safeguard your booking until 6 p.m. so in the event you are going to arrive at the Hotel later than the established time, and the booking voucher does not use the expression “GUARANTEED BOOKING”, get in touch with the hotel and notify it of your arrival time so it won’t be in any doubt as to your arrival and will keep your room for you.


Viajes Ibiza works with the shipping company Balearia. The client declares he has read and accepts the following conditions of Balearia;

If you benefit from Resident and/or “large family” discount, remember you have to take the necessary documentation to justify the right to receive this, ORIGINAL AND PHOTOCOPY.

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION:       Passengers travelling with loaded vans  can’t make the reservation on  this web site, call directly to the boat company,     +34 966428620  .  If you have purchased a ticket for a loaded van  and  the rate doesn’t allow cancellation, the ticket will not be valid and the company will not  refund the money ..

When you buy a ticket with a van , it is very important that measures the vehicle are correct when purchasing the ticket , but may have problems in the port to board because your ticket is not valid .


Travel to Ibiza by boat from Denia, Valencia, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, or Formentera. Viajes Ibiza S.A. collaborates with Balearia .

The use and/or provision of any of the services of the Website signify the acceptance as User, without any type of reservation whatsoever, of each and every one of the General Contractual Conditions, of the General Conditions of Use of the Website as well as, if appropriate, the Particular Conditions referring to purchasing.

BALEÀRIA states that the procedures to undertake the purchase of goods and/or obtain the services offered are those described in these general conditions, as well as those other specific procedures that are shown on the screen while browsing, in such a way as the User declares knowledge of and acceptance of these procedures as necessary to have access to the products and services offered on the Website.

All the information provided during the contractual process will be stored by BALEÀRIA EUROLINEAS MARITIMAS, S.A. so that the User will be able to, with prior notice sent by e-mail, request information referring to any operations undertaken by them during the previous 6 months. Any amendment and/or correction of the data provided by the Users during browsing will be made according to the instructions included in the Website.

Users who contract services through BALEÀRIA’s website declare themselves to be legally of age (18 years or older).

All passengers without vehicles must be at the boarding gate 60 minutes before the ship departs, while passengers wishing to board a vehicle must be at the boarding gate 90 minutes beforehand. Except in the line of Valencia <> Mostaganem, which must be submitted 4 hours before the departure of the vessel. The client mush have a boarding card before travelling, he can get it through or going to the Balearia boarding counter at the harbour with enough time .In the event the passenger does not produce a boarding pass prior to departure, within these limits, the Company reserves the right to freely use the seat/spot assigned to the passenger or vehicle.

This ticket is personal and non-transferable. The licence plate number of the transported vehicle must match that which appears on the ticket. All passengers without a vehicle on-board have the right to board a maximum of 20 kilos of personal luggage.

The Company shall not be held responsible in the event luggage or passengers’ personal effects are stolen or lost. We recommend passengers keep valuable items withe them at all times.

To be admitted, all complaints must be filed along with the corresponding ticket coupon that remains in the passenger’s possession, whereby the passenger accepts all conditions appearing therein via the mere fact it has been used as a transport ticket.

In the event the ticket is not used, and whenever the contractual rate allows, the Company shall refund the passenger, through Viajes Ibiza S.A. , for the price of the ticket in accordance with the following conditions:

a. After deducting 10 percent of the ticket’s total price from the pre-sale, if the request is submitted within 7 days of the ship’s departure.

b. For refunds submitted between 48 hours and 2 hours prior to departure, 20 percent of the ticket’s total price shall be deducted.

c. For reservations made on the same day, 20 percent of the ticket’s total price shall be deducted, for refunds requested more than 2 hours prior to departure.

d. No reimbursement shall be made for tickets submitted for cancelation less than two hours prior to departure, irrespective of whether the reservation was made on the same day as departure or beforehand.

In the event a ticket cancelation request is made once the online boarding passes have been issued, the corresponding reimbursement, whenever the rate allows, shall not be processed until after the scheduled travel date and upon confirmation the passes have not been used.

Travel times and itineraries may be subject to change due to technical difficulties, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. In such instances, the Company shall adopt reasonable and controlled measures to inform affected passengers of said changes. If needed, the carrier may be substituted by another carrier or another ship may be used.

In the event the ship for which the ticket has been dispatched does not realise the voyage said ticket stipulates, due to technical difficulties, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, the Company does not assume any other responsibility than reimbursing the entire price of the ticket.

Any passenger who does not board due to reasons beyond the Company’s control thereby loses the right to be refunded for the price of the ticket.

Open tickets are valid for one year from the date of issuance, whereby their use is subject to a prior reservation. The contractual rate will remain effective until January 15. Following this date, the return journey may be formalised by paying the supplement that corresponds to the year’s rate increase.

All passengers are subject to police regulations and good interior order while aboard, as established by the Captain.

Vehicles covered by this ticket shall be transported pursuant to the valid legislation on the matter and the international Conventions signed by Spain.

To exercise any proceedings that derive from this ticket on domestic coastal shipping routes, the applicable jurisdiction shall be the valid Code of Civil Procedure. When maritime transport is conducted on international routes, the applicable jurisdiction of the Courts under the 1974 Athens Convention shall apply and/or any instruments that modify it.

If issued boarding passes are lost prior to use, the client shall pay the part of the ticket that is affected by the loss of the boarding passes. Following the journey, and upon confirmation that the initial passes have not been used, the client shall be reimbursed for the amount paid the second time.


The services offered -publication of information and online ticket sale- on the Website are ruled by that established in these General Conditions and, especially, that covered by the Particular Conditions set for each of these services.

All the technical means and requirements needed to accede to the Website and to the services offered are entirely at the User’s expense, as are any expenses or taxes that may arise from the provision of these services.

Once the User has entered, in order to proceed to use the different services, they must follow all the instructions appearing on the screen, using to these effects the Particular Conditions and other forms set for each service, which will involve reading and accepting all the general conditions set in the General Conditions of Use of the Website, in these General Contractual Conditions, as well as, if appropriate, the Particular Conditions applicable.


This contract is ruled by Spanish law, and which will be of application in that not mentioned in this contract in matters of interpretation, validity and undertaking.


Viajes Ibiza S.A. provides transfer services on the Island of Ibiza and acts as an intermediary between the service provider and the client. Said services do not include assistance at the airport nor accompaniment. If you require this service, you can send an e-mail to for a quote and to sign up.

ATTENTION: The holder of the credit card used to make the reservation must be one of the guests. We might ask you to show the credit card on arrival, in case the name on the reservation and the credit card holder are not the same, we can request you to pay the full amount of your reservation.

VERY IMPORTANT: Your transfer reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the departure of your flight, only than we can guarantee the service, any booking made in less then 24 hours will be cancelled automatically.

We offer three types of transfer services : Shuttle transfers ( shared transfer), Private transfer an Premium transfer ( VIP). If you need any other service or a special one please send an email to

Please when making your reservation provide us of complete details in order to be able to guarantee a good service; we need a mobile number of one of the travellers, complete arrival and departure details (arrival/departure flight number, origin/destination, arrival/departure time at Ibiza), number of people, place you are staying, etc.

      • Shuttle Transfer :

Shared transfer combined with clients from other flights and going to other accommodations. On arrival you will have to proceed to our airport office, where you will receive the information where your Shuttle is, the bus number and about what time it will be leaving, maximum waiting time = 60 minutes. This service does not take you to the door of your hotel, but to the point authorized and closest to your accommodation, where you can drop off and pick up customers.The Shuttle Bus service takes you to all touristic areas by accessible roads. Shuttles are not going to private addresses, villas, land houses or land hotels. Please be aware that the shuttle service has many general points, for information shuttle service stops pls send an email to

Two days before departure, we will send you an email, a fax or a text message (sms) with the final information about your pick-up time and place. In case you don’t receive the confirmation 24 hours before departure you should call to Viajes Ibiza +34 971311111 or to Ibizatours & Islandbus : +34 971314362 in order to receive the correct information otherwise you can loose the service contracted.

      • Private Transfer :

Private Transfer, just for you and your companions, comfortable and flexible, without waiting in buses and mini buses.

On arrival you will have to proceed to our airport office, where you will receive the information where your bus is and the bus number.

Sometimes the service does not take you to the door of your hotel, but to the point authorized and closest to your accommodation, where you can drop off and pick up customers. For the departure you will indicate at what time you want to be picked up.

      • Premium Service :

Higher level Private Transfers made by vans and luxury car, VIP service.

We will await you with a board with your name on it, or the name you want to be shown. For the departure you will indicate at what time you want to be picked up.

  • Formentera Transfers :

We offer transfers to the neighbour island Formentera, included:

– Transfer from the airport of Ibiza to the port of Ibiza and return

– Ferry boat tickets from Ibiza – Formentera – Ibiza

– Transfer from the port of Formentera (La Sabina) to your accommodation in Formentera and return

Private Transfer on both islands – you decide at what time you want to be picked up on departure, at your accommodation in Formentera and at the port of Ibiza to be taken to the airport.

Shuttle Transfer on both islands – we will inform you 36 hours before departure at what time you will be picked up in Formentera, at what time you will have the ferry to Ibiza and at what time the shuttle to the airport.

The Shuttle Bus service takes you to all touristic areas by accessible roads. Shuttles are not going to private addresses, villas, land houses or land hotels.

You can book the following transfers to Formentera: (always starting at Ibiza Airport)

– return transfer – from the Airport of Ibiza to your hotel in Formentera and return

– one way transfer – from the Airport of Ibiza to your hotel in Formentera

Due to organisational reasons we cannot accept any bookings starting in Formentera, any bookings we receive starting in Formentera will be cancelled automatically.

On arrival at the Airport of Ibiza please proceed to our Airport desk where you will receive the complete documentation (ferry tickets, voucher for the transfer in Formentera etc. etc.) and you will receive the instructions for your transfer to the port of Ibiza .

Viajes Ibiza is ONLY responsible for the transfers. If, for any reason, you cannot travel directly to Formentera on arrival and you have to spent the first night in Ibiza or you have to come back to Ibiza 1 day before departure, Viajes Ibiza will not pay any extra costs for allocation etc.

      1. Bookings and last-minute bookings

Bookings can be made up to 72 hours before the service date. Transfer services are not guaranteed within 24 hours, but if you require a service you must send an e-mail with the request to and Viajes Ibiza S.A. will try to process your request.

Bookings with special requirements need to be processed separately and you will have to send an e-mail to

The client must provide prior notice as to whether he will require a vehicle endowed with special features, if he will require a wheelchair, special seats for babies or children. Viajes Ibiza may require him to make an extra payment for putting at his disposal the aforementioned extras.

Please be ready 10 minutes before hand the agreed pick-up time at the agreed pick-up point. (if there is no general pick-up point please wait always outside the hotel) Not to do so you will lose any option the claim in case you miss your departure transfer.

Traffic sometimes makes it impossible to be punctual, please contact the transport provider not longer than 15 minutes after the agreed time; +34 971314362. We will not accept any claims in case the transport company has not been contacted.

      1. Booking modifications:

Any modifications to bookings, flight numbers, flight time, changes in name, hotel or address, mobile phone number, outward and return dates, number of passengers, may be made at no charge within 72 hours prior to the starting date of the service and by e-mail to

If the modification results in an increased cost, this must be paid for by the client at the time of making the request. Any modification made within the 72 hours prior to the start of the service will be subject to a charge of 10 Euros plus any possible increase in service price.

      1. Cancellation:

Any payments made for transfers have no cancellation costs if notice is provided at least 72 hours prior to the start of the service; within said 72 hours no refund will be made. If, for reasons beyond its control, Viajes Ibiza S.A. has to cancel your booking, you will receive a 100% refund.

Cancellations with less than 72 hours for the realization of the service will be 100% expenditure.

      1. Baggage allowed and declaration

All baggage must be identified by the passenger contact data. One suitcase and one item of hand baggage are permitted per confirmed passenger. If you need to take baggage in excess of that allowed (golf equipment, wheelchairs, electric scooters for invalids etc.) you must inform us when making the booking, sending an e-mail making this request to . Viajes Ibiza S.A. is entitled to apply a tariff for excess baggage which must be paid before transfer or you must waive the transport of the items in excess.

The company responsible for providing the service reserves the right to deny transport to anyone who may be or seems to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol … and whose behaviour may constitute a threat to the safety of the service. Should this occur, the passenger will not be entitled to any refund.

You are not allowed to eat, smoke or consume alcohol inside the vehicles.

Viajes Ibiza S.A. cannot guarantee the working hours specified in the booking though it will see to compliance therewith. If, for reasons of force majeure duly justified reasons to the client, it is unable to provide the service or it cannot arrive at the arranged time, the designated supplier and Viajes Ibiza S.A. decline any responsibility vis-à-vis the client.

Viajes Ibiza S.A and the contracted service providers will do everything possible to monitor any flight delay which may affect the arrival transfer. Please call the number stated in the service confirmation of any change in the estimated time of arrival where possible so that the services can be rescheduled. It will be endeavoured to reassign any clients of a shared transfer with a delayed flight to the first service available to their holiday destination, subject to availability.

If the arrival flight has been diverted, we would recommend you to get in touch with Viajes Ibiza S.A or our designated supplier on the phone numbers provided. Whilst every effort will be made to solve any changes of this type, a additional charge may be made.


You can fill in the questionary in our web site to receive the information about groups an incentive groups ( Mice ) . When sending each budget the specific group conditions will be attached.


The booking confirmation document contains the specific cancellation and modification conditions for each service contracted. In addition, if said modification or cancellation occurs within the 72 hours prior to the checking-in date at the hotel, the client will pay an amount which may vary between the price of one night up to 100% of the booking amount, depending on the destination, date and hotel reserved.

As regards any case involving the cancellation or modification of a confirmed booking, Viajes Ibiza will charge the client 10 Euros by way of management expenses.

If, for any reason, you cannot use all the services booked or you shorten your trip, contact with Viajes Ibiza S.A. as son as posible or ask the service provider for a justificatory document which will allow us, on your return to our offices, to request the corresponding refund, provided that the service provider authorises us to do so.

You may cancel any bookings made via by email to within the time specified in your reservations.


You can contact with Viajes Ibiza S.A. trough :

Postal : Road Vicente Cuervo 9 – 07800 Ibiza – Spain

Phone: +34 971311111

Fax: +34 971411774

E-mail :