San Juan Market: neighbors, hippies, tourists and residents gather around live music and an eclectic atmosphere.

All Sundays from 10.30 in the morning the Square village of Sant Joan it fills up to the brim of people to enjoy one of most authentic events on the island of Ibiza: the flea market of San Juan.

In your positions you will find products from handicrafts, typical pieces or articles for the little ones from the house until organic food recently collected in the most carefully orchards of the municipality. Until the neighbors of the people have joined him to offer your most popular culinary elaborations such as jams, cakes, olives or a wide variety of preserves.

Jewelry, clothing, pictures, bags, decorative items… all unique pieces worked by expert hands in the world of crafts from every corner of the world you can imagine. In fact, it could be said that it is one of the most eclectic markets of the island, since it is joined by people from all nationalities and cultures ready to spend a day of the most pleasant.

To liven up the day you can also enjoy live music from 12.00 hours. The bars and restaurants around the square fill up,creating a most welcoming atmosphere

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